Mooshy Mooshy!

I have been told that is how Japanese people answer the phone. If this is true, I don’t know how I will ever answer a phone call in Japan without dissolving into giggles.

To prevent such an unfortunate occurence, why don’t you just check out this blog for information on the Watts family. I will let everyone know things like:

  • What I have bought in a vending machine.
  • What it’s like to ride a speeding bullet train. (NOT the Acela…)
  • All the noodles I eat.
  • What fabulous things the toilets do.
  • Bonus: historical hot spots!

Also (mainly for the grandparents), there will be lots of pictures featuring the Chipster.

I promise I won’t use too many foreign words, either.

Thanks for checking in–we will miss you!