Leaving New England

We all left Newport yesterday, and are safely back in the bosom of the Old Dominion.

There was this episode of 30 Rock recently where they went to Boston, and Kenneth the intern’s opinion of New England was something to the effect of “They’re all named Sean, and they’re mean, and I hate it here!” I sympathize with Kenneth, but I got used to New Englanders. Here are the things that I really loved about Newport, and that I shall miss:

  • Lobster rolls.
  • It’s Historic Preservation Wonderland.
  • Water, water everywhere. (Living two blocks from the ocean will always be a novelty for a Kansan.)
  • The views: the one from the Cliff Walk of First Beach and the steeple of St. George’s, and the view of the Newport bridge when I would drive to pick up Rob at the Navy base.
  • Old houses with huge central hearths. I remember learning in an architectural history class about hearth and heart coming from the same old English root word; the hearth is the heart of the house. For some reason, most early Virginians stuck their chimneys on the sides of their houses–heartless!
  • Stone walls and tangled branches.
  • The interior of Trinity Church on a sunny morning.
  • Seeing the directional signs to “Cape Cod” around town.
  • There are honest-to-God seals in the harbor in the winter, like it was Alaska or something.
  • Calling shopping carts “buggies” or “carriages”–it made grocery shopping seem like a quaint and pleasant endeavor.
  • There was a chain of car dealership ups in Massachusetts named Alden, so I will miss seeing my name on the rear ends of cars everywhere.

Chip in a Box

The first of three movers came on Friday. As he drove away to store a load of DVDs we never watch, an old watering can, and Rob’s offensively plaid jacket, I wanted to yell: “Just dump it off of the Newport bridge!”

Writing is really just an excuse to post this picture (Despite his concerned look, Chip was not actually sent to storage).