In which Dad leaves and I put the kid to work

Rob is really and truly gone; he left today (earlier than he was supposed to–thanks, Navy!) for a time indeterminate. Horrible. But let’s not dwell on that. Today was also the day that Chip finally started earning his keep. He had his first modeling job today in Tokyo, for a Japanese baby company’s catalog, and that kept our minds effectively off other matters.

We almost didn’t make it. The day started off with a bang when Chip woke up before 6:00 am and in the course of the morning’s events, pulled a carton of eggs out of the fridge which soon thereafter smashed all over the floor. Then, as soon as we got on the train to Tokyo, Chip started to scream. Just a howling cry. I tried everything to stop the unearthly noise but he screeched all the way to Tokyo (approximately 75 minutes). The best part was that the trains were absolutely packed with morning commuters whose superhuman ability not to look at the banshee child nor its negligent mother is truly remarkable. I seriously thought about going back but that seemed like admitting defeat, so we pressed on. The minute we got inside the studio in Tokyo and I took off Chip’s shoes he stopped crying. It was his shoes! If only he could talk! I think they might have been too small and I felt awful. Anyway, after that hiccup he was back to his usual charming self.

The shoot was in this tiny Tokyo apartment, parts of which had been converted into little homey sets. Chip modeled a pair of shoes (I know, I about died when they gave them to me but, as they fit properly, he didn’t seem to mind one bit) and three pairs of awesome Japanese pajamas.

Blue Steel.


No, I don’t know why there was a rubber chicken in the waiting room. I haven’t spent enough time with Japanese babies to know if this is a traditional first toy.

Chip posed by himself and with other babies and I will say without any exaggeration that he was by far the cutest and most agreeable of them all. He lay on his back, he stood, and he “freestyled” as one of the photographers (seriously) instructed him to do. The catalog and attendant website photos are due out in Dec./Jan. so I will of course keep you posted.

After a long (barefoot) nap on the train ride home, Chip went down to the beach to unwind with a little yoga. You know, like models do.

A little downward dog after a long day feels so good.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anastasia Waits
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 17:17:42

    Still love reading these! It just takes me back there… Sounds like you are having an amazing time and making the most of Nippon!!! Chip is such a little man now. I can’t believe how much he has changed.
    Makena started “crawling” this week, which is good timing since Dee is still here to see it. Otherwise I don’t think he would have believed me!
    Take Care-Miss you!



  2. Betsy
    Sep 04, 2010 @ 17:30:31

    Blue steel really works for Chip. Can’t wait to see the final product. Thinking about you guys! Hope you have a good weekend. xoxo


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